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 Tutoring Programs 

Our Tutoring Accomplishments

Children gain confidence and a willingness to read.  Students are happy to learn new words and ideas.  Although it’s hard work, the students are willing to apply themselves and get it done.   The results:  math and reading grades increase, children participate during class, and behavior improves.   


" Ms. Tripp is the best tutor that I could ever have. Ever since she started tutoring me I've got great grades like 90's and A's. She can tutor from kindergarten to eighth grade. Once I come home from Ms. Tripp, I always have a smile on my face. She is so kind and friendly. She is the best tutor! She really helps me with math and she can help you with other things too! Also, she is always cheerful. She is excited when you get good grades too."

- Isabella


"I am writing to give a brief testimony on Mrs. Tripp’s tutoring service and how it helped my son, Hakim.  In early childhood education, my son was diagnosed with severe dyslexia. I was immediately recommended to Mrs. Tripp by his school, Holy Cross School.

Before my son started to attend her one-on-one tutoring sessions, he was below a kindergartner reading level while already being on first grade. Hakim was very frustrated in school. He experienced behavioral problems which ultimately stemmed from his educational disability. Mrs. Tripp has helped tremendously with Hakim’s growth. Her care for her students is unmatched. Throughout the years, Mrs. Tripp even took additional courses on how to better educate students with severe dyslexia and other disabilities. She has helped boost Hakim’s confidence when reading. He is now in the fifth grade and he is almost reading on a fourth grade level. Although it is not the ending for Hakim’s educational growth, we have to take the time to acknowledge how far he’s came with the assistance of Mrs. Tripp! We are so grateful for her and would recommend her services to any child that needs assistance educationally. Not only is she a wonderful teacher, she is a wonderful person overall!"

- Nicole 

Subjects Taught for Dyslexic, Neurodiverse, and Dyscalculia students Kindergarten through 6th grade




  • Orton – Gilliam Certified Reading Instructor
  • PA Certified K-6 Teacher
  • Orton-Gilliam explicit evidence-based reading instruction
  • Support Public, Parochial, Charter, and Private School Curriculums
  • One-on-One in person tutoring instruction  is mandatory until it is determined that virtual may be used

This program is available daily Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm; Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  

Rates are determined by a sliding scale. 

Tutoring is available in the following subjects:

Phonics and Decoding- for all ages

Reading, Comprehension and Understanding 

Writing Skills Development

Handwriting print and cursive 

Elementary Math


Social Studies

Money Management Skills- for all ages 

Rates are on a sliding scale.

Private Tutoring

Board of Education  

Commonwealth of PA             

Certified Teacher

Personalized Instruction

Monday to Thursday -  after school

and Saturday morning




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     Please Call Us With Any Questions or Comments:

    The Institute for the Economic Development of Children
    42 W. Harvey St. 
    Philadelphia, PA 19144

    Phone: 215-844-7758
    Fax 267-433-2464


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